Why would one need a website

The answer to the question "Why do you need a website?" is very simple and short: to maximize your profit.

Suppose you own a shoe shop, in a garret on X street and across the street from you, has jus been opened a new clothing store, which choose the services of an advertsing agency. While in your store, come only old customers, the ones you know personally or those who were directly recommended your store, you notice that in the shop across the street come a lot of people of the street or people come up with precise indications directly to the store ... and you wonder why and, more importantly, you want those customers to enter your store too.
If you knew that the shop owner across the street turned to a specialized service, you'd pay for that service in order to have, like him, many customers in your store.

The Internet is just the street above. On it walk hundreds and hundreds of thousands of potential customers to enter the store. But you need a store, right?
Hence, the need for a website! The website is the store to be visited by those many potential customers who walked down the street called the Internet.

As a conclusion, a website is a new opportunity to have more customers for your business.

Moreover, a website, once created and hosted on a web server, can be visited from all over the world, so you open your business to markets outside your geographic location.
The website can be visited by anyone at any time of day and night, seven days a week, which would be the same to keeping an office open at all times, which would generate enormous costs, compared to keeping a website online.

A website is an extended businness card, on which you can place any information you want. Tis extended business card can be given to any potential business partner, by sending and simple: www.domain.com. That and nothing more. The rest can found out with a simple click of mouse.

Do not miss this chance, thinking that you save money. In fact you'd give away an investment into the future.
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