The making of a website

If you should choose to work with us, the process of creating your website falls, largely, into our responsibility, so you will only intervene in the moments when it's necessary to provide us with personal some information or give your acceptance to the result of our work.

Thus, you will be the only one who will decide which template to use for your website.

The domain name that will your website will reside on, if you do not own one yet, we will get one for you, but, again, you'll be the one who decides the domain name.

When creating the website, if you do not have the content of the site, we will provide generic text and images, typical for the industry in which your company operates. After filling the contents of your website you should agree with the proposed text and images or provide us with some personalized texts and images of your own. Also when creating the website, you must provide us with a minimum of information: the business field in which your company activates in, the company's name, registered address, the classical methods of contact: phone, fax etc.

After creating the actual pages of your website, we will present you the first version of the website and will look for your aproval or for the changes you want to be made on this first version.
After that we will perform the requested changes, the site will be considered ready, and if there are more changes and/or additions to the website, they will fall under the maintenance part of the contract.

If the website is created regardless of the special offer, the process of creating it can and may follow other steps than the ones described above. For more details read " How to create a website

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