How to build a website?

Points of view

Building a website can be approached from three different perspectives: the beneficiary of the website, the one who designs and creates the graphics of the website and the one who's actually creating it.

The three perspectives are identical to those for building a house, in this case there is the beneficiary of the house, the architect and the builder. The beneficiary has his own requirements on the house he wants, the way he wants it to look, the number of floors, the features that he wants to have available at home etc. These requests are sent to the architect. The architect takes over the beneficiary's requirements and refine them, eventually adding his own proposals, from his point of view, and eventually he drafts the house project. The constructor receives the architect's designs on the house and together with the architect and the beneficiary, he determines the technical details of house construction, indicates practical solutions to achieve cost reduction solutions etc.

Usually, when talking about websites, the architect is also the builder of the website, and he is called a web designer.

Choosing the domain name

To continue the parallel between building a website and building a house, in the latter before you have completed the house's project and before its actual construction, there should exist the land on which the house will be located. Just like when building a house, before the creation of website, before its design and the actual implementation, one should have chosen the domain name for the website.

First of all you need to make sure you have choosen an appropriate domain name for your business or idea for which that website is built.

If you are not familiar with the above concept, a "domain name" is the address of your website, also known as the URL, namely (eg It is important to understand that the domain name itself is not the actual website (see What is a website?), but it is only a textual reference, an address that directs to the server where your website is hosted.

The domain name is unique across the entire Internet network and can be bought or rented. When talking about ".ro" domain names they are bought "for life". In other cases (.com, .org etc.), domain names can be rented for a limited period, from one up to five years.
Domain names can only contain letters, digits and minus character "-".

When you choose the domain name on which your website will reside on, keep in mind to be meaningful for your business, one to help search engines categorize your website as relevant to the word / words that compose the domain name. For example, if SC LoryRex SRL sells women's shoes, its owner would like the domain name to be or and not People will always search on Google, "shoes" or "ladies shoes" and not "loryrex" unless your company is "Nike".

Hosting the website

The land on which the house in the above examples sits, can be rented. The same is true for websites. When reffering to a website there is rented web space to store its component files - images, HTML files etc. - from specialized companies, which own web servers, able to host websites, so-called web hosting service or web hosting. As for the land that the house will be built on, existing utilities are important (sanitation, access way, electricity, Internet access etc.), as are important the features offered by web hosting services (storage space, bandwidth, email access etc.).

Call the professionals

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