Our offer: presentation website

We're offering you a turnkey website for your business or personal use, just the way you want it to be.

Fully fuinctional turnkey websiteYesYes
No. of web pages5 to 10 10 to 15
Content includedNoYes
Cunsultancy includedNoYes
Available templatesabout 150over 3000
Domain name registration*YesYes
Web hostingYesYes
Storage4 Gb8 Gb
Email addresses710
Unique IP addressYesYes
Maintenance included1 hour12 hours
Web banner includedNoYes**
SEONoYes: 1 keyword
SSL certificateNo***Yes
GDPR complianceNo***Yes
Pricestages 1+2: 2899 lei*
stages 3-14: 179 lei/month
stages 1+2: 2899 lei*
stages 3-14: 449 lei/month
Minimum contract length12 months12 months
* This price includes domain name registration. If you own your domain name, the cost of the first two stages is 2799 lei
** Available upon request
*** Legally mandatory options are available as per standard pricing table

Our offer includes:
  • more than 3,000 templates of websites, structured in various fields, from which to choose one for your new website.
    Use the favorites list! For each model that will get your attention, press the star next to it, to add it to your list of favorite templates, which you may consult later, containing only the templates you liked. Thus, narrow the list of templates and you can choose one to represent your business best.
  • advice on choosing the template and content
    If you can not decide which of the templates to stop to, our consultants are available with suggestions or information regarding the criteria for choosing a website template. Also, in terms of content we provide suggestions and guidance, if you want to get involved in its creation.
  • bulding the website according to your specifications
    The chosen template can be customized according to your requirements, this means changing the colors, images, placing your company logo. We are here for you to tell us your vision on the final design of the website.
  • register and purchase a domain name
    If you do not already own a domain name, we will make a reservation and purchase new one for your website. Our consultants are available with tips and advice on choosing the domain name.
  • host your website throughout the contract
    Your website hosting will be provided throughout the contract, using edge servers in data centers that provide at least 99% uptime.
  • allocation of server space of 800 MB
    Server space required for the proper functioning of your new website, as well as other web services such as e-mail, ftp etc.
  • creating up to 15 subdomains on your domain
    Scalability is ensured by the possibility of creating subdomains, like http://subdomeniu.domeniu.ro, where you can develop, later, a new online project.
  • 5 e-mail addresses on the chosen domain name
    We offer the opportunity to personalize your email addresses on your domain, like: name@domain.ro In this way, you show professionalism and credibility in the relationships with your customers.
  • unique IP address, exclusively assigned to your website
    This comes to your advantage in several ways, including search engine optimization. IP address is equivalent postal address and the fact that it is unique and exclusively assigned to your website is the difference between living in the block of flats, having another 100 neighbors, and living all by yourself in a villa!
* This offer is subject to terms and conditions
  • the offer is available when signing a contract for the minumum number of months specified for the package of your choice, and represents the first two stages of the total package, the rest going be paid in monthly stages of 179/449 lei each.
  • prices do not include VAT

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