Our offer: ecommerce websites

Depending on your budget and necessities, we're putting at your disposal three ways to build your online store:

Fully functional Online StoreYesYesYes
Templates available15over 30over 30
Domain registration*YesYesYes
Web hostingYesYesYes
Storage2 Gb4 Gb8 Gb
Email addresses3710
Unique IP addressNoYesYes
Maintenance includedNo12 hours12 hours
SEONoNoYes: 1 keyword
Pricestages 1+2: 224* euro
stages 3-14: 15 euro/month
stages 1+2: 224* euro
stages 3-14: 30 euro/month
stages 1+2: 224* euro
stages 3-10: 75 euro/month
Minimum contract length12 months12 months8 months
* This price includes domain name registration. If you own your domain name, the cost of the first two stages is 199 euro.

What does this package has to offer?
  • Graphical administration interface;
    Managing your new online store can be achieved using the graphical administration panel featured by our store. Modify the content or the design of your online store, or check the orders status and inventory with a few mouse clicks.

  • Graphics based on predefined templates;
    The graphics of your online store can be radically changed by simply choosing, using the administration panel, a new graphic template.

  • Versatile CMS;
    Choose what, where and how to be displayed into your online store pages. The included CMS modular construction, allows you to make these types of changes within your ecommerce website.

  • Unlimited static pages (About Us, How to buy, Contact etc.);
  • In addition to dynamic pages generated by the CMS' online store, you may need and can create static pages, whose content is entirely manageable in the administration panel.

  • Documentation for both the public and administration area (English only);
  • If you do not know what to do or how to do something in the administration panel there is a comprehensive PDF document (currently available only in English) available, that may give you step by step explanations about how certain changes may be done in the admin panel.

  • Unlimited product categories;
  • Just like the shelves or departments in a bricks-and-mortar classic store, products offered for sale in your online store can be grouped into categories and subcategories. Their number is not limited, as with a traditional store, but you can structure your products and services in as many categories and subcategories as you need.

  • Unlimited products and product attributes;
  • Just as with the categories described above, the number of products available for sale in your online store is unlimited. The products may be defined in as many types (or attributes) as necessary (eg: white shirts, green shirts, xxl shirts, xl shirts etc).

  • Unlimited number of manufacturers;
  • As the number of products, possibly to be sold in your online store is unlimited, there is the need and the opportunity to add any number of manufacturers / suppliers of products.

  • Allows use of multiple languages??;
  • Textual content from the online store can be presented in several languages, at the choice of your visitors, the capability to manage all these texts in all languages is enabled in the admin panel of the store.

  • Allows use of multiple currencies;
  • Display prices for products or services in your online storein any currency you choose. All currencies and exchange rates are manageable from within the administration panel.

  • Per product comments and reviews ;
  • One of the most powerful sales tools are reviews and comments of a product from previous buyers. The online store allows registered users to add such reviews and comments for each product added to the store.

  • Ratings per product;
  • Products ratings are also a powerfull marketing tool. Our store online supports ratings, thus allowing the visitors to filter and sort products by number and type of ratings received.

  • Ability to sell downloadable products over the Internet (eg software);
  • For some merchants, who sell software and IT services, this facility is vital to enabling them to extend their business via an online store.

  • Automatic images resizing;
  • To ease the work of the shop manager, there is the possibility to upload a photo just once, and all versions of that image, both large and small pictures, to be resized automatically by the store software.

  • Multiple types of taxes;
  • Each transaction made through the online store may be subject to various taxes, fully manageable by the store manager within the administration panel.

  • Multiple types of delivery methods (courier, delivery in the store, delivery based on weight etc.);
  • Depending on the merchant or customer preferences, the online store can provide many ways to deliver, both predefined and defined by the merchant.

  • Calculation of weight for shipment;
  • Depending on the courier used for order delivery, automatic calculation of the total weight of the products in an order, may prove to be an advantage over other types of online shops.

  • Integration with PayPal online payment;
  • To complete transactions by an actual purchase customer, you may use a free PayPal integration module, the best known of online payment processors, worldwide. For integration with local online payment processors, please contact us.

  • Checkout with no site registration (guest checkout);
  • Most times, a potential client may be annoyed that he has to create an account through which he has to provide various information about himself in order to buy a product. Our special offer online store allows purchasing products without registering an account on the site.

  • Similar products and / or best-selling module;
  • To highlight some products that are, at a given time, best selling, there is a module to present them, which can be displayed anywhere in your online store pages.

  • Special offers module;
  • As in any store or hypermarket, special offer products can be gathered together and presented at the entrance of the store or anywhere on its pages.

  • News modules (the latest products added to the store);
  • As any merchant wants to add more visibility to the newest products, our online store provides a way for newly added products to be placed anywhere visible so that the customers can see.

  • Unlimited information pages;
  • In addition to the pages of the catalog or shopping cart in an online store there might be some need for other pages, which explain the methods of payment or delivery, return or terms and conditions of the store, and pages dedicated detailed description of a product or trader.

  • System of discount/gift coupons;
  • If the buyers aren't the end users of your products, they will be in front of a choice of which of the products you have for sale to purchase, risking thereby the loss of that potential client. To avoid this situation and can provide a system of coupons. The client pays for a coupon, which, then, can be given as a gift to someone else (the end user), which comes back to the store with that coupon and choses the desired product if available in the store, without having to pay for it.

  • SEO optimized pages;
  • Because today, if you are not listed the major search engines search results, for the most relevant keywords for your business, would be equivalen to not existing online at all, we will provide a good online start, by offering you web pages constructed by the standards and requirements of the major search engines, pages which you can target to various keywords.

  • Backup & Restore tools;
  • In order not to lose data in your online store, both those in the catalog of products, but also those of orders placed and those related to customer data already registered in the store, we provide a very useful tool in certain unfortunate situations: backup the database and restoring a copy of the database.

  • Invoicing
  • When a purchase occurs there has to be issued a document - an invoice - attesting the sell a product or products ordered by customers. Invoices can be generated in PDF format, they can thus be printed or sent by e-mail to the client.

  • Reports of sales / views per product / products ordered;
  • For better control over sales volume, but also for a quick overview of the status of orders, the online store generates detailed sales reports.

  • Statistical graphs on visits, items sold etc.;
  • As the optimization a business or a website can never be considered to be finished, you may access statistical charts on number of visits or number of items sold in various periods of time: days, weeks, months, years.

  • Banners management to promote special offers (different for each language);
  • It is almost futile to have a special offer, if people entering your store does not know about that offer. To promote the offers and discounts in the store, you have a specialized module on managing advertising banners in your store. Obviously, banners can be different for each language used in your online store.

  • Multiple distinct stores, manageable from the same interface, which may have:
    • distinct layouts
    • distinct languages
    • distinct products catalogs
    • distinct product prices
    • common or distinct products;
  • Based on the same platform and database, you can open another shop, which may be managed from the same interface as the main store, which may have different layouts and languages used by the main and most important, can have a catalog products different from the main store.

  • B2B features
    • discounts based on orders volumes,
    • defining customer groups with manageable rights
    • distinct features and prices
    • display or not the price for unregistered visitors
    • system affiliation fee payment.
  • Because it is never good (or sufficient) to address to a limited number of potential customers, the online store that we provide will enable you to expand your business from end users to another business - Business to business. This package features: discounts on buying a certain volume of products, creating customer groups that may be treated differently, depending on status, or create a network of affiliates to expand your sales volume, based on sales commissions.

This offer is subject to terms and conditions:
  • the offer is available when signing a contract for the minumum number of months specified for the package of your choice, and represents the first two stages of the total package, the rest going be paid in monthly stages of 15, 30 or 75 euro each
  • prices do not include VAT

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